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RASA.— On the materiality of transition

2015, essay/zine (A5, 4 pages (1 A4), laser printed on 135gsm Color Copy Coated Glossy, unnumbered edition)

RASA 2015 RASA 2015 RASA 2015 RASA 2015
Photos of presentation in GEMAK, by Hannah Dawn Henderson
RASA.— On the materiality of transition is a short essay text published as a zine made out of 1 sheet of A4 paper. The text recounts the artist's first encounter with the concept of tabula rasa, the different metaphoric understandings of it and the material consequences of such (mis)translations/interpretations. For the zine, the text was handwritten on 135gsm Color Copy and collaged with some cutouts from secondary texts, and laserprinted in an unnumbered edition. The zine was first presented in the exhibition 'I want something with a house in' in GEMAK, the Hague in June 2015.

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