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[violently oscillating]

2015, single-channel video, 16:9, 25min ∞, and monograph, A4

(Preparing) A Place for Teary-Eyed Reading
[violently oscillating], monograph, presentation in GEMAK, The Hague. Photo: Hannah Dawn Henderson.
(Preparing) A Place for Teary-Eyed Reading
[violently oscillating], video still
[violently oscillating] documents someone repeatedly writing and erasing the same sentence, using only one sheet of A4 paper and one pencil with an eraser on the back. The subject's lefthandedness and the cuts in the video prevent the text from being fully legible through most of the video. The sound of the video continues during cuts to black, making it at points ambiguous whether the hands are writing or erasing. The writing and erasing are continued until the paper becomes too damaged to further write on. The damaged piece of paper is presented with the video.

Video preview available by request via e-mail.