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I would like to say (part 1)

2015, monologue performance for limited audience

I would like to say (part 2)

2015, text/letter

I would like to say  (part 2)
Installation view of I would like to say (part 2) in GEMAK, The Hague, 2015
I would like to say  (part 2)
Full text of I would like to say (part 2), click to enlarge
I would like to say is a text-based piece centering around apology and repetition. The work consists of two parts: one part verbal, a monologue delivered by the artist, in which he attempts at the same time to apologize, and to find out what an apology is; the second part written, a letter, which attempts to negate an apology apparently given by the person the letter is directed to. The letter becomes an almost defensive speech, returning to the root meaning of 'apology': a speech in one's defense. Both parts of the piece employ repetition as a means for transforming meaning, moving through levels of sincerity and insencerity, negation and affirmation.

At its first presentation in GEMAK, 2015, the performance of part 1 took place inside the installation work 'Preparing Preparation' by artist HyunTae Lee, just behind which part 2 was installed. Documentation of the performance is not made public in keeping with the privacy of the performance, but may be requested via e-mail.