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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)

2017, installation (printed matter*, A3-sheet of pink paper, pencil, white fabric (approx. 80x55cm folded), 3 glass bowls, 7 glass carafes, water, and crystals: polished agate-amethyst, rough white moonstone, rough white selenite, tumbled rainbow moonstone, rough rose quartz, partly polished rock crystal, carved/polished rock crystal, tumbled sodalite and rough peach selenite) and lip-sync performance (to Antony and the Johnsons, ‘Rapture’, 2000)

Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Documentation of the performance.
The installation 'Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)' fills the room it is located in (shown here installed in the show 'I unloose, dissolve, destroy' at at7 project space in Amsterdam) in several 'stations'. In each of these, references from several sources are played out together in the form of found objects, printed matter, oracles, and performance. The installation consists of a number of books, a deck of oracle cards, fabric, paper, glass bowls, crystals, and a pencil. During a performance at the opening of the show, the bowls, containing books, crystals, and/or a pencil, are filled with water, after which follows a lip sync to Antony and the Johnsons, 'Rapture'. The contents of the bowls remain in water for the remainder of the exhibition, in a transitory state. The material effects of the water on the materials in it are not altered or curated throughout the time of the exhibition.

The piece is inspired by liminal spaces in ritual settings and an interest in the unloosing of text and identity. Symbolics from different christianities and other traditions are employed alongside each other to create meaning, subject, or place for reflection. Alongside the piece, the text 'All these dwellings are temporary' was presented as a pamphlet that could be taken from the space. This text reflects more or less theologically on some of the references born from the same research.

Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Views from above on the separate stations, moving from the left to right side of the room.