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Please clarify to the reader from the outset that in this exercise, any previous understanding as coming forth from metaphorá, that is, transference, the changing of one thing into another (to displace), will not be of use. It must be understood that in this exercise when we speak of the eye, we do not create an idol of the eye that we worship in the stead of our unsayable (x). Rather, all that we can call into being by speaking of said eye is the light now emanating from this eye: light that we have called forth (not created) by our naming of the eye, which in turn we have not created as a placeholder, but as an eye. It must be understood that the eye exists, solely because this is crucial to the understanding that the light which now emanates from it exists, and that to look at ourselves we have to now look at this light, not just with it but into it. (…)
Instructions for phósphoros
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)

(…) This is the part in the text where I've come to expect an epiphany, a revelation, something euphoric that enraptures the train of thought and brings about 'great shouts and leaps (possibly of a ritual nature)'36, an overcoming of challenges, an encouragement. This is where I've come to expect—almost to want—that a 'man ... perceives a heavenly light, a light that comes from heaven.'37 But what if I am not this man, not a man at all.
If God, the Son, is really the Word, Logos, then, here, in Paul's body, in my own, in my dysphoric silence, He has deserted us. Paul is, I am, at loss38. We stand ‘between two’39, our body, Paul's, mine, ours; naked. If the Word is Verbing, it is sighing, groaning, wanting, lacking—words that have us stand outside language. (…)
All these dwellings are temporary
[violently oscillating]
[violently oscillating]

Sorry, Nothing is Everything
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Extend. Limn
Extend. Limn
June 2016
June 2016 (pp.70-71)
I would like to say
I would like to say (part 2)
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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Extend. Missing u
[violently oscillating]
[violently oscillating]