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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture) 2017
/ 2016
(…) This is the part in the text where I've come to expect an epiphany, a revelation, something euphoric that enraptures the train of thought and brings about 'great shouts and leaps (possibly of a ritual nature)'36, an overcoming of challenges, an encouragement. This is where I've come to expect—almost to want—that a 'man ... perceives a heavenly light, a light that comes from heaven.'37 But what if I am not this man, not a man at all. (…)
Extend 2016
I would like to say 2015
(Preparing) A Place for Teary-Eyed Reading 2015
Sorry, Nothing is Everything 2015
RASA.— On the materiality of transition 2015
[violently oscillating] 2015
Another World 2013
In passing 2011
en ik wilde dat sommige dingen eindeloos begonnen te zijn
en weer andere dingen zouden zingen zoals de zee die zich omdraait

(Zonder titel (draaien), 2016)