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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
(…) This is the part in the text where I've come to expect an epiphany, a revelation, something euphoric that enraptures the train of thought and brings about 'great shouts and leaps (possibly of a ritual nature)'36, an overcoming of challenges, an encouragement. This is where I've come to expect—almost to want—that a 'man ... perceives a heavenly light, a light that comes from heaven.'37 But what if I am not this man, not a man at all.
If God, the Son, is really the Word, Logos, then, here, in Paul's body, in my own, in my dysphoric silence, He has deserted us. Paul is, I am, at loss38. We stand ‘between two’39, our body, Paul's, mine, ours; naked. If the Word is Verbing, it is sighing, groaning, wanting, lacking—words that have us stand outside language. (…)
All these dwellings are temporary

[violently oscillating]
[violently oscillating]

Sorry, Nothing is Everything
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Extend. Limn
Extend. Limn
June 2016
June 2016 (pp.70-71)
I would like to say
I would like to say (part 2)
[violently oscillating]
[violently oscillating]
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Cupio dissolvi (Rapture)
Extend. Missing u